Do you still have old (VHS) video tapes that you can’t part with because they mean something to you but can’t watch them because your VCR isn’t around anymore?

We can help

We convert all types of video tapes and cassettes into digital files. Your old video tape can become a video file on your computer, TV, tablet or phone which you can easily view at your convenience or share with your friends.

The videos recorded on your old VHS tapes won’t stay there forever. In fact, after 20 years, tapes begin to deteriorate causing irreversible loss of quality. Our HD technical base guaranties no quality loss from the original.

We accept all types of video tapes

(VHS) (VHS-C) (Video 8) (Hi-8) (Mini DV)

We work with all video formats and systems


We are located in South Vancouver, near Southwest Marine Drive. Call, text or email ahead to schedule your Digitization. When dropping off your tapes, please make sure to bring a USB flash drive or any other memory device of your preference for your videos to be transferred to.

FYI: 4 hours of video recording converts to about 6GB of data. So one standard VHS tape would require a minimum 6GB of space. We also provide USB flash drives upon your request.


604 349-7052