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With today's technology a great number of actor’s auditions are self taped. Sasha’s Workshop offers self tape recording sessions and scene study coaching sessions.

Self tapes allow a more flexible time frame for delivering your audition and avoid the need to book time off work to attend a walk-in audition. You are able to take your time and record as many takes as you need so you may select and send the one you like.



Proper lighting plays a key factor when recording an audition. Close-ups are often requested by casting directors and it’s always a good idea to have a bright, crisp, HD quality recording.

Sasha’s Workshop uses professional lighting, recording and editing equipment.

Finally, you get to keep a copy of your footage which you can watch and analyze at home. This is a great way to learn and improve.


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An audition is a job interview and it requires preparation. There's more to the process than just learning your lines.

When preparing for an audition, understanding your character is absolutely necessary. It is most important to understand what you’re saying and why you’re saying it. However, there’s more to the scene than just finding your character. As actors, we play characters in given situations and make choices for our actions accordingly. Proportion is another important factor. You need to know what’s over the top, how much is too much and how much is too little. Depending on the situation proportion can vary.

Sasha's Workshop provides guidance in scene study and character development.



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Digitization is a process in which analog stream of information gets converted into digital bits. For example: old VHS tape recordings can be converted into MP4 or other digital video formats.

In other words, all types of video recordings from the previous decade can be brought back to life again to be played on your flatscreen, computer, tablet or phone.

Sasha’s Workshop offers digitization services for all video formats.



Self tape recordings and Coaching sessions are $79.99 each and become a package if taken together at $99.99

For work as Actor, Vocal/Dialogue/Dialect/Accent Coach, Stunt Actor and Voice Over

I charge in accordance with the UBCP/ACTRA MASTER PRODUCTION AGREEMENT WAGE RATES 2018-2021


Independent and student productions are welcome to contact me, as I provide services pro bono depending on my availability.